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Buddhist Landscape

  • Paul Hannon
  • Product ID: G009-SU
  • $95.00

Paul's cartoon style reminded us a bit of R. Crumb but with its own distinctiveness. He did a masterful job in this piece, which accompanied a story on Buddhist centers across the United States. It's very playful. And also very accurate. These drawings come from actual photos of the centers and monuments in various locales across the country. It has a brilliant at-a-glance quality. –Liza Matthews

This work was commissioned to serve as the main illustration for our article by Charles Prebish on the landscape of Buddhism in America, which looked at the wide range of teachers, programs, and practices available. The article includes several others of Paul's wonderful illustrations.

Paul Hannon spent the early part of his career focused on drawing, painting, and printmaking. After moving to Nova Scotia in the late 1980s, he renewed his interest and passion for painting and has become well known in the Canadian Maritimes for his oil paintings, watercolors, and drawings. Most of his landscapes derive from Prince Edward Island and his coastal imagery from the Atlantic coastlines of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

Learn more about this wonderful artist at: www.paulhannon.com

Buddhist Landscape

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